Physically Based Material Library

A source of inspiration

Substance Source is an ever-growing content library where you can find physically based, high resolution and tweakable assets for texturing.

From fully procedural materials to physically based scans and hand-painted materials, Substance Source is the place to find assets suited to any type of 3D project.

All materials can be used directly in most renderers or game engines.

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An ever-growing library

Substance Source is growing over time with regular additions of new assets and new parameters and options being added to existing materials.

Cotton Jersey

Iron Rusty

Crema Valencia Marble

Sand Dirty with Debris

Gunston Irregular

Mexican Tiles

Painted Steel Chipped

Synthetic Lacework Raschel

Cherry Wood Floor

Cliff Stylized Mossy

Synthetic Quilted Diamond

Chipped Cracked

Customize Materials for Any Project

Substance Materials

Download a single substance file and generate infinite variations.


One substance contains all the outputs needed for any workflow: Classic, PBR Metallic, Roughness, Specular and Gloss


Export materials at any resolution and up to 4k to use in any situation or platform.


All materials have been developed with physically based workflows in mind.

Inspirational matters

Find the right material according to your mood

Red Rock material

Scoria Rock material

Smooth Limestone material

Egyptian Plaster material

Art by Adrien Ehrhardt

Game Engine and Renderer Ready

Use the Substance material or export the textures to most renderers or game engines.

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