Substance Designer 4 - Release Note

Release Note

Release Note

Substance Designer 4.6.2

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New Features
  • [Library] Added PBR utilities nodes (BaseColor/Metallic Validate, Dieletric F0, Metal reflectance)
Bug Fixes
  • Crash on exit
  • [UI] Layout is reset on update
  • [Graph] Material link does not work on sbsar inputs
  • [Graph] Deleting a graph while it's opened in a tab make SD crash
  • [3D View] Copy to clipboard grab Back Buffer instead of Front Buffer
  • [Bakers] Vertices with different colors are merged
  • [Bakers] Funky bakes with cage when multi UV sets
  • [Parameters] Sliders are broken for Integer2/3/4 with instanced Sbsar
  • [Parameters] Clamp option does not take specified values into account
  • [Library] "Metal Weathering" has an incorrect default size
  • [Library] "Metal Weathering" does not connect metallic input
  • [License] Trial on Mac says Expired at first launch
  • [License] Activation not working / "check your proxy" message

Substance Designer 4.6.1

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Bug Fixes
  • [Graph] Reconnect a link using "ctrl" leads to crash
  • [Graph] Empty graph tab are not closed
  • [Graph] Duplicate link from output node problem
  • [Library] cells_4 is stuck at 4096
  • [Preferences] Set the tangent plugin normal angle to 180°

Substance Designer 4.6

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  • New license system
  • [3D View] Setting wrapping mode per sampler in glslfx
  • [3D View] Use "F" to focus on the object
  • [3D View] Add specular level channel for dielectrics in metal/rough PBR shader
  • [3D View] Set the save image shortcut to alt+S instead of ctrl+S (same for copy Viewport alt+c)
  • [3D View] Change default background color
  • [Bakers] New Thickness baker
  • [Bakers] New Opacity Mask baker
  • [Graph] duplicate a link from an input pin using ctrl+click (cmd click on mac)
  • [Graph] Store the output export path per graph
  • [Functions] Do not create getfloat node when creating a new input
Bug Fixes
  • [Parameters] Clicking and dragging on parameter slider does not set value to 0.
  • [Parameters] pinned parameter tab gets overridden
  • [Parameters] Alpha value is set to 1 when picking a color in the color widget
  • [Parameters] FloatX with Sbsar display wrong values in the UI
  • [Parameters] create/delete input hides the + button
  • [Parameters] Crash when deleting a function input
  • [Graph] Can't plug overlay node when using compact link mode
  • [Graph] Can't "Export all as Bitmaps" when the destination directory does not exist
  • [Graph] set "display connectors name" on by default
  • [Bakers] Can't use a psd layer as normal map resource
  • [Bakers] Selected material IDs not saved in Bake model information
  • [Bakers] Export path is saved as absolute
  • [Library] Potential random crash when browser large amount of items
  • [Library] folders with name containing "resources" are ignored
  • [Functions] Can't drag&drop a function onto a frame
  • [Functions] Duplicating a node gives an incorrect comment position
  • [Engine] SSE does not support opacity greater than 1 for image input in fx-map

Substance Designer 4.5.2

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  • [Library] Added Tile Random, Tile Sampler, Scratches generators / Curvature Smooth, Mask Builder filters
  • [3D View] Support more than 8 Samplers in shaders on MacOSX
  • [3D View] Store default shader in the project files
  • [3D View] Make the "Default" Material's shader reset to the default shader when clicking on the "Reset All" action
  • [3D View] Add emissive feature to PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Add tiling to PBR shaders
  • [Bakers] Allow to disable the diffusion around the bakes and replace it with a neutral color
  • [Bakers] Add bias (Min Occluder Distance) for secondary rays (AO and Bent Normals)
  • [Bakers] Add "Ignore backface triangles" options
  • [Explorer] Add warning when a data contains links with unknown Aliases
  • [Preferences] Add button to rebuild the database of the Library
  • [Preferences] Remove uncleaned paths from user_project
  • [Preferences] Add Japanese language
  • Add a feedback link in the help menu
  • New "News" component
Bug Fixes
  • [Bakers] Crash when launching a bake that generate a psd resource for the second time
  • [Bakers] No default output settings at first launch
  • [Bakers] Fail to save baking image to PSD
  • [Bakers] AO from Mesh - Strange results on Mac
  • [Bakers] Disable max depth when using a cage
  • [Bakers] Black result with some specific meshes
  • [Bakers] FBX meshes from Blender / large scale produce black textures
  • [3D View] Render artefacts with PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Enable/Disable channel does not work
  • [3D View] New material is not set to default shader
  • [3D View] Reflexion artefacts with blinn/relief/tesselation shaders
  • [2D View] Sliders for the Extrude Tool in the SVG editor don't work
  • [Graph] "No Usage" Auto Connect
  • [Graph] Invalid function message is shown for no reason
  • [Library] SBSAR don't appear in Library if containing multiple tags
  • [Library] Scratched metal resources are displayed with a red cross
  • [Library] Newly created folder are impossible to rename
  • [Preferences] Disabling "Post Process" does not work and is always reset to true
  • [Preferences] Defining the tangent space plugin under the project path generates wrong path
  • [Preferences] MikkTspace Plugin selection broken
  • [Explorer] No warning displayed when embedded bitmaps are not found
  • [Explorer] Cannot relocate invalid mesh resource (and possible crash when rebaking)
  • [Wizard] New substance resolution only up to 2K
  • [Console] Remove unecessary messages
  • Bad Alias URL
  • DDS exported from Designer are read with red <-> blue channel swapped

Substance Designer 4.5.1

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Bug Fixes
  • [Mac]Crash when opening graph
  • [Mac] When creating a new Substance
  • [Library] Icons broken when using Aliases
  • [Library] Creating a new filter with a folder selected does not put the filter inside the folder
  • [Library] use "keyword" data in sbsar as "tag" for the library
  • [Preferences] projects files urls are not stored in relative in the configuration file
  • [Preferences] use alias for tangent plugin
  • [Preferences] Can't open a configuration file in readonly mode
  • [3D View] diffuse lighting is black for PBR shaders
  • [3D View] render artefacts on mac using blinn shader
  • [2D View] Flow and Opacity slider do not work
  • [Graph] Exporting graph outputs is extremely long
  • [Graph] Autoplug does not work if outputs have 2 usages
  • Crash when trying to reopen old .sbs

Substance Designer 4.5

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  • [Bakers] Common Settings
  • [Bakers] custom tangent basis workflow
  • [Bakers] Dilation radius option
  • [Bakers] Multi High poly meshes baking
  • [Bakers] Add an option to change how Ambient Occlusion is attenuated with distance
  • [Bakers] Expose the Spread angle for the AO from mesh and Bent normals
  • [Bakers] Set the default resource name expression in the preference
  • [Bakers] Automaticaly close the dialog box when double clicking on a resource in the resource dialog selection
  • [Bakers] Add possibility to add custom Resource Name macros in preferences
  • [Bakers] Tooltips and parameters order adjustments
  • [Preferences] Set the default resources path to .exe path
  • [Preferences] version control settings adjustments
  • [Preferences] Split the settings into two files / solution settings
  • [Graph] Use the first plugged or first visible output to generate node thumbnail
  • [Graph] Change the node instance color in case it belongs to a sbsar file
  • [Library] Assign filters to project
  • [Library] Use alias if possible for filter icons
  • [Projects] Store watched Path and Aliases in relative to the project file
  • [Explorer] Display warning in explorer when resource has invalid linked file
  • Auto reload sbsar files
  • Add "basecolor" usage
  • Don't use the registry key "installDir" in SD to detect where SD is installed
  • Node Instance 'BaseColor' identifier updater
Bug Fixes
  • [Bakers] AO from mesh gives bright result in corners
  • [Bakers] Crash when using the same resource for Hig Def. Mesh and Cage
  • [Bakers] Empty ressource name produce an incorrect filename on disk
  • [Bakers] Default resource name not defined when baking a new mesh resource
  • [3D view] Crash when using a node as an environement map
  • [3D view] Crash when opening a 3D view on AMD series 7900
  • [2D View] The 2D view display empty outputs by default on multi output nodes
  • [Parameters] Clean option should ignore inputs used in VisibleIf expression
  • [Parameters] Angle Widget value change not reflected correctly
  • [Graph] Material link pin is black if first input is hidden by VisibleIf
  • [Graph] Some dialog windows are not in focus when opened
  • [Explorer] Open last session function opens dependencies in the explorer
  • [Explorer] Duplicated error window when publish failed
  • [Explorer] Automatic graph opening does not work when right-clicking the package and selecting "Reload"
  • [Explorer] Dragging a single graph display thumb with '2' number instead of '1'
  • [Publish] Sbsar name isn't automatically set anymore
  • [Publish] Cooking failed when process take more than 30 seconds
  • [UI] Mouse middle mouse scroll modify UI elements value
  • [Preferences] Changing "Packages Path" does not update project library path
  • [Preferences] Preference window too small by default
  • Crash when launching with a different GPU
  • 100% CPU usage on iddle
  • Switch in sbsar is not correctly evaluated by SD

Substance Designer 4.4.1

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Bug Fixes
  • [3D View] inconsistent results in case of very small bright
  • [3D View] Crash when using a custom shader
  • [3D View] Reflection artefacts on PBR shaders
  • [Bakers] Vertical stripes artefacts in bakes
  • [Bakers] Position Map only bakes on UV0
  • [Bakers] Ambient occlusion from mesh is rendered full white
  • [Bakers] Crash when "Refreshing all baked maps"
  • [Preferences] "View ouputs on opening" option don't send outputs in 3D view
  • [Graph] Can't copy/paste comments from one fxmap function to another
  • Color dialog gets hidden
  • [New Substance] Set a default Group on outputs

Substance Designer 4.4

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  • [Graph] Export outputs as PSD
  • 50 textures from Game Textures (25 for the release, and 25 will be added before July 11th)
  • [Bakers] Upgrade the Embree library to v2.0
  • [Bakers] Colors from high-poly mesh ID and polygroup ID
  • [Preferences] Store Preferences into xml file instead of ini/registry
  • [Explorer] Allow publishing of locked files
  • [Library] Make the authorURL clickable
  • [3D View] New rounded cube primitive
  • [Library] Tooltip in the library: show only the name and/or description
  • [Graph] Make node Connector name enabled by default
  • [Preferences] Add CheckBox to enbale/disable the Post Effect in all the 3DViews
  • Dump info about the Graphic hardware in log file
  • Change order of channel when creating new substance
Bug Fixes
  • [Graph] Bitmaps won't add to graph if '#' character is in the path
  • [Graph] Relink node connections impossible
  • [Graph] context menu displayed with Space remains grayed (disabled) just after checkout a package in perforce repo
  • [Graph] Continuous export makes Maya 2014 crash
  • [Graph] Double clicking on a node output pin creates a link
  • [Graph]Visible If don't work with sbsar
  • [Explorer] Publishing cooker command line does not contain alias option
  • [Explorer] No package icon when opening a package under perforce
  • [Explorer] "save as" collapse the saved package
  • [Explorer] Can't drag & drop a sbsar file from a watched path
  • [3D View] PBR shaders do not respect energy conservation
  • [3D View] Environment map is reseted on primitive change
  • [3D view] crash when displaying multiple 3D View
  • [3D View] Black dots in PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Samplers all use diffuse map on primitive change
  • [Properties] Category field not loaded from the .sbsar files
  • [Parameters] Level histogram is not generated
  • [Bakers] Can't rebake if some parameters have been removed
  • [Library] Generating thumbnails for filters crashes to desktop
  • [Library] Multi-Material Blend AO channel not working
  • [Library] Crash when computing thumbs of EXR Images (View3D shelf Folder)
  • [Publishing] The height of the window used to display the errors can be huge
  • Crash on application exit
  • When switching Graph Template in 'Create Graph' dialog, name gets reset
  • TempFileEviction should be removed after SD crash

Substance Designer 4.3.1

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Bug Fixes
  • Library: content is not displayed
  • [Bakers] Normal map from mesh renders a black image
  • [Properties] Groups background border color is broken (should be alternate)
  • [Steam] sbs extension not added
  • [2D View] crash when trying to save a vectorial image
  • Performances improved to display node parameters
  • [Graph] Bitmaps won't add to graph if '#' character is in the path
  • [2D View] Fixed histogram values
  • [2D View] Histogram bugs with indexed images
  • Save the "export outputs" / "save image" (in 2D view) / publish paths
  • [Library] Random crash when clicking in the Library
  • 2D view: save as bitmap format not preserved

Substance Designer 4.3

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  • [Properties] Remember collapsed/opened parameters group
  • [3D View] Save image to disk
  • [3D View] copy image to clipboard
  • [3D View] Integrate Yebis 2 post effects
  • [3D View] Add button to display the scene properties in the bottom toolbar
  • [3D View] PBR / Use spherical harmonics for diffuse lighting
  • [Graph] use double click to display graph properties instead of single click
  • [Bitmap editor] Set D to reset the two colours to black&white
  • [Library] Add environment maps In Library
  • [Library] Add 30 PBR materials
  • [Properties] Graph icon: past image from clipboard

Bug Fixes:
  • [2D View] "save current image" and "outputs" buttons don't use the same code to save images
  • [3D View] Video Memory leak when loading several environment textures from files
  • [SVG] hitting X in the SVG editor makes SD crash
  • [Graph] Export outpus fails if images files are ReadOnly (Perforce)
  • [Graph] Creating input/output nodes from node uses connector label instead of identifier
  • Wrong reference url generated in sbs when referencing data located in a alias path
  • Crash when editing a bitmap

Know issues
Bakers may produce black textures when used with Yebis open. If it's the case, disable Yebis or close the 3D view as a workaround.

Substance Designer 4.2.1

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  • [Library] Set the large icons size to 128px
  • [Library] New thumbs for assets in the Library
  • [Library] New filter to switch from Diffuse/Metallic/Roughness PBR model to Diffuse/Specular/Gloss PBR model
  • [2D View] Add a shortcut to switch between the two colors (X)
Bug Fixes
  • [3D View] Drag&droping a resource image as latitude/longitude sets the reflection to black for blinn shader
  • [3D View] Panorama visibility parameters isn't stored in the resource/settings
  • [3D View] SD Crashes when Opengl fails to initialize
  • [3D View] images assigned in 3d view from the explorer are not updated
  • [3D View] Camera position is not restored
  • [3D View] Reset channels resets the environment texture
  • [3D View] Changing primitive breaks the outputs update
  • [3D View] The 3DView does not update according to the graph changes
  • [Parameters] Wrong case in Channel Shuffle node parameter list
  • [Parameters] Values with 4 decimals are rounded
  • [Parameters] Wrong slider value
  • [Parameters] Values are displayed with only 2 decimals
  • [Parameters] Multiple color Editor displayed
  • [Parameters] The level histogram don't uses the right connected output
  • [Bakers] Vertex Color Baker doesnít work when using a cage
  • [Bakers] Add baker name in the error window / stop process when baking fails
  • [Bakers] Bakers batch order is not preserved in resources
  • [Bakers] Can't rebake a map using a different file format
  • [Explorer] Drag&dropping graphs from the same package in the library creates multiple instance of the same package
  • [Explorer] Mesh resource not always reloaded when modified by external tool
  • [Graph] Copy/paste node does not work
  • [Performance] Network performance issue
  • [Performance] Bad overall performance when using project with lots of images
  • [Performance] Performance issue when using mesh located on the network in the 3D View
  • Automatic export makes some external application crash

Substance Designer 4.2

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  • [Graph] Export outputs continuously
  • [3D View] display environment map in the viewport
  • [3D View] Allow to drag & drop images from the Library to the Viewport
  • [3D View] move the environment map/parameters to the scene parameters
  • [3D View] Handle rays going below the horizon in PBR shaders
  • [3D View] Control exposure instead of environment intensity
  • [2D View] switch to view image as srgb/linear
  • [Bakers] Improve antialiasing in bakers from high poly mesh
  • [Graph] Add the export output buttons in the graph toolbar
  • Deprecate the DirectX9 engine
SD 4.2 Bug fix
  • [Bakers] World Space normal map is not look normalized
  • [Bakers] Baked map has a wrong name
  • [Bakers] Display material name instead of id index
  • [Bakers] UV to SVG: Grayscale Mode: Black is a valid ID.
  • [Bakers] Image resource not reloaded after baking update
  • [Bakers] Auto-normalization of baked height maps with cages
  • [Cooker] Wrong SBSAR code generation
  • [3D View] Default material is still visible when using the "view outputs in 3D view" function
  • [3D View] 3d view is empty
  • [3D View] 4k textures are always displayed in 2K
  • [3D View] Cubemaps loaded from HDR panoramas are downgraded to 8bpc
  • [Library] Default filters are not sorted correctly
  • [Explorer] Export with dependancies does not keep default library path
  • [Explorer] crash when moving a graph inside a package
  • [Explorer] Crash when reloading package
  • [Explorer] Crash when unloading a package
  • [Graph] Editing a FX-Map creates a "Parameter" tab
  • [Graph] adding nodes in a frame deselects currently selected nodes
  • [Graph] Duplicating (or copy/paste) a node display the graph parameters instead of the new node ones
  • [Mac] Thumbnails of subgraphs are not correctly rendered
  • [Parameters] Step option does not work

Substance Designer 4.1.1

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  • [Explorer] Add a lock icon in explorer to ReadOnly packages
  • [Bakers] Load High poly and cage meshes only once per batch
  • [Bakers] Output the file as color or grayscale according to the baker
  • [Graph] Set the bitmap node properties according to the file properties (8/16 BPC, Color/Grayscale)
  • [Graph] Unlock the maximum zoom in the graph
  • [Graph] Make "New image resource" black opaque by default
  • [Graph] Add a message in the graph when package is ReadOnly
  • [2D View] Add "All" & "None" buttons to the Export outputs to check All/none
  • [3D View] Add PBR specular/glossiness shader and template
  • [3D View] Display the materials only if they are used in the scene
  • [3D View] Fix blinn/relief specular/glossiness behavior
  • [3D View] [Shader parameters] Display shader technique only if multiple are available
  • [3D View] Update default environment map (enhanced hdr range)
Bug Fixes
  • [Explorer] Moving resource changes url of similarly named resources
  • [Explorer] Bad performances when move cursor over imported big images
  • [Explorer] PSD files take a long time to open
  • [Explorer] New explorer window create a new tab with graph properties
  • [Explorer] ReadOnly file state detection not reflected immediately in Designer when modified by an external application
  • [Explorer] Recurent crash when moving graph inside a package
  • [Bakers] Baking from High poly mesh seems to never flush the memory afterwards
  • [Bakers] Embedded/Linked method not preserved
  • [Bakers] unable to select the linked resource output folder
  • [Bakers] Memory leak when baking mesh
  • [Bakers] Redundant baked images on disk when baking multiples times
  • [Parameters] Output resolution gets reset to 0 when loading a preset file
  • [Parameters] Dynamic Slider Bug when using small step and minimum value
  • [Parameters] Save preset does not work for atomic nodes
  • [Parameters] Presets are not applied correctly in preview mode and on booleans
  • [Parameters] Color Editor reset to the first user's monitor
  • [2D View] Checkbox state are not persistent in "Export Outputs" window
  • [3D View/2D View] Flickering on sampler change
  • [3D View] Changing 3D primitive changes the parameter window
  • [3D View] Environment map is mirrored
  • [3D View] Light only go closer when moving the mouse left and right
  • [3D View] Environment map is empty after using a custom map on default primitives
  • [Graph] Comments are not attached to nodes anymore
  • [Graph] Items inside Frames are not submitted to snap
  • [Graph] Can't drag&drop element from library onto a Frame
  • [Graph] 2D View is opened when a node is selected
  • [Library] filter order changes after re-ordering the filters and open SD again
  • [Library] "Show in Library = NO" is ignored for texture and mesh resources
  • [Library] Spaces when using the Contains and Equal condition
  • [Library] resource located under the "Resources" folder of a package are not displayed in the Library
  • [Batch Tools command line] "Ambient Occlusion Map from Mesh" and "Bent Normal Map from mesh" are missing

Substance Designer 4.1

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  • Graph: New frames to group nodes / Comment
  • Graph: Action to create Inputs/Outputs nodes from node instance inputs/outputs connectors
  • Explorer: export package with dependencies
  • Explorer: Set Read Only files to a locked state in SD
  • Explorer: Make "Close" action on package support multiple selection
  • Explorer: Manage Version Control on packages
  • Graph: delete unused nodes / clean graph
  • 2D View: Reexport all outputs images
  • 3D View: correct gamma management
  • Gradient: delete key by moving it up only
  • Bakers: new Bent normals baker
  • Bakers: new Ambien Occlusion from mesh baker
  • Bakers: bake multiple maps at once
  • Bakers: Disable Ok button if high poly mesh is not set
  • Bakers: Override or Rename resources with same name
  • Bakers: use underscores instead of spaces in output file name
  • Library: Add a condition "does not contain" in the filter definition
  • Library: search by tags
  • Parameters: TAB functionality in the parameter UI
  • Use middle mouse button to close Tab Widget
  • Added a Console widget
  • Added a F9 keyboard shortcut for the "Switch Engine" dialog
  • Added aliases to custom library paths
Bug Fixes
  • Crash when adding a new node after removing one just before
  • Crash when using the create input/output feature on fxmaps
  • Crash when creating graph inclusion cycles
  • Crash when editing the value of a channel shuffle parameter that has been made into a constant
  • Graph: Contextual menu spawned with Space bar is not sorted correctly
  • Graph: Selection rectangle still displayed after Space menu displayed
  • Graph: actions still gray when doing a checkout on package
  • Engine build numbers are reported as 0 in the Switch engine dialog box
  • Library: Performance Issue
  • Preferences: "View outputs when opening graphs" does not work anymore
  • Cannot go into the function graph of a parameter
  • When opening ReadOnly packages, some modification actions are still available
  • Bakers: loading a file containing "." in the name generate an error
  • Bakers: Connectivity problem on fbx second UV
  • Performance issue when linking PSD file
  • 3D View: PBR shader does not set the default environment map
  • Unable to export grayscale TGA in non indexed format
  • [Mac Only] Pick color feature is broken / crash
  • [Mac Only] Gradient Color picker don't get the right color

Substance Designer 4.0.3

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Bug Fixes
  • Changing 3D primitive disconnects "view outputs in 3d view" connection
  • Fbx: importing a fbx makes SD crash
  • Reloading a shader fails compilation
  • Expose parameters on an Uniform Color always create a color input
  • Library: Performance Issue
  • Library is not refreshed when removing watched path
  • Library: mg_edge_select contains dependencies with absolute path
  • Library: rust_weathering graph size is set to absolute
  • Library: shadow graph size is set to absolute
  • Library: material_blend normal channel is broken
  • Bakers: allow scene tree view column resize
  • Library: update the cone pattern in
  • Upgrade to FreeImage 3.15.4
  • Upgrade to FBX 2014

Substance Designer 4.0.2

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  • Library Thumbs are no generated anymore
  • Remove D3D9 Engine - Make sure to uninstall any previous version of Substance Designer to totally remove the engine
  • fixed splatter_circular (pattern specific, position random), added features (pivot position, scale)
  • added splatter_circular_color

Substance Designer 4.0.1

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  • Crash when creating a function
  • Crash when clicking on node input
  • Crash when opening specific sbs file
  • Bakers: mesh ID selection does not work properly when UVs are overlapped
  • Bakers: boundingbox related parameters are reset to 1
  • Bakers: restore default sets the normal map orientation to OpenGL
  • Bakers: using a cage produce incorrect result
  • Sliders: double clicking to edit the value also change the slider position
  • Functions: Swizzle Integer 1 Crash
  • 32b images not converted correctly
  • Bad performances on Explorer
  • Removed "Infinite Loop Detected" when D&D a node in the same graph with right button
  • Remove default "diffuse" usage on new grayscale input nodes
  • Change range for the SVG Quality slider
  • Added new Mask Generators (Mesh Adaptive / Mask Generators)
  • Added Material Selector (Mesh Adaptive / Utilities)
  • Added Material Adjustment Blend (Material Filters / Blending)

Substance Designer 4.0.0

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  • View "material" node in 3d view
  • Material Links between nodes
  • Hide Inputs/outputs through expressions
  • 3D View: Physically based rendering with IBL
  • Add Save/Load of substance presets files in the graph properties
  • 3D View: Do not quantize 16 bit textures
  • Quickly visualize a subgraph output
  • "Cleanup Inputs" action in the graph properties
  • Add possibility to set an empty usage on inputs/outputs
  • Add possibility to load/save a preset file on a node instance
  • Add a "Reset to default values" action to the graph inputs
  • New Substance: new Physically Based template
  • View a specific node output in 2D/3D view
  • Enable the "--expose-identifiers" argument by default
  • 3D View: enable the channel when viewing an output in the 3D View
  • 3D View: hdri support
  • Expose multiple parameters from nodes
  • New preview mode for graphs
  • Integrate New style for SD4.0
  • Packaging
Bug Fixes
  • Incorrect obj link
  • 3D View: channels are disabled when using the "display in 3d View" function
  • Text style difference when a parameter is changed
  • VCRedist 2010 don't install properly when installing SD
  • Performances issues when opening large graphs
  • Copy/Paste of input nodes does not preserve the input/output order
  • Expose Parameter does not transfer label nor group information
  • Expose Parameters uses label instead of identifier
  • Nodes are computed on selection
  • Exposed parameter have a label when exposing the output color param of an Uniform Color node