Material Authoring Software

Node-based texturing.
Non-linear workflow.
Quick iterations.

Substance Designer 5 is a node based texturing tool to create materials. Tired of messy layers ? Fit everything you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.


Make any change you want at any time, as it automatically applies to all the outputs of your substance. The fastest way to create and edit complete texture sets.


Revert all the actions you are making without losing any of your work. No more "I can't come back to that point"!

State of the art viewport

Real-Time PBR viewport

Match any game engine via custom shaders.


Interactive path-tracing for photo-realistic rendering.


The most advanced real-time post processing technology.

The New Generation of Procedural Art

Substance Designer 5 is powered by Substance Engine 2, the new iteration of the renowned procedural technology developed by Allegorithmic.
It unleashes an incredible power of expression and fosters a new form of digital creativity.

Pixel Processor

This true image processor allows you to read input images and apply any custom effect or treatment using visual programming. There is simply no limit to what you can create using this tool.

Dynamic Gradient

Use images as gradients and pan through these textures to easily create dynamic and animated gradients and masks.


Create smooth or sharp bevels on any shape or pattern and generate hard surface detail normal maps in a few minutes!

New Blending Modes

The standard blend node now features the most popular blending modes such as Overlay and Soft Light

Tri-planar projection

Apply any image on your mesh with no visible seam, control the scale and rotation of the projection and marvel at the seamless texture!

Random FX-Map input

FX-Map can now pick from multiple inputs randomly. This will allow you to splat or scatter a multitude of objects on a texture at once.

Integrated Bakers

Our embedded bakers allow you to bake your maps at light-speed directly within your software.

World space normal map

Gradient map

ID map

Thickness map

Tangent space normal map

Height map

Curvature map

Ambient occlusion


Substance files can be imported in many substance compatible software to simplify your workflow and save you time.

Production ready

Substance Designer is built to integrate easily in your work environment.

Version control

Version control with Perforce allows you to monitor all changes in the assets created with Substance Designer.


The Library within Substance Designer would become your hub for your texturing work, monitoring all your assets on your disk and across network.

Easy to deploy

Substance Designer allows you to create project settings and share them with your team, making it extremely easy to deploy among team workers.