Art by Rémy Trappier

Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2017 : Substance picks

Pierre Maheut on December 13 2017 | Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Film/VFX, Design

This year again we discovered awesome entries in the Hum3D Car Render Challenge. Let’s check out those highly talented artists using Substance!

We want to thank Hum3D team for inviting us to be part of the jury for this Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2017. There were many participants - we want to congratulate them. We are very happy - and proud - to see more and more entries using Substance Painter. They are breathtaking!

Take a seat and enjoy:

Rémy Trappier - Nissan GT-R LM Nismo -

Art by Rémy Trappier

Andrea Bertaccini - DownHill -

Art by Andrea Bertaccini

Farid Ghanbari - Car Tragedy no.2 -

Art by Farid Ghanbari

Grigorii Kliver - Before the race -

Art by Grigorii Kliver

Vahid Montazeri- Red Snake-

Art by Vahid Montazeri

Jakub Przybolewski - Return to Tatooine -

Art by Jakub Przybolewski

Amaru Zeas - Going Home After Work -

Art by Amaru Zeas

Bartosz Domiczek - No passage -

Art by Bartosz Domiczek

Chamishka Gamage - Escape -

Art by Chamishka Gamage

Andri Viyono - Audi R8 LMS night Race -

Art by Andri Viyono

Sandor Bagi - The Martian Rover-

Art by Sandor Bagi

Xavier Barrett - The Sprint -

Art by Xavier Barrett

Avinash Sathanchery - Lone Defender -

Art by Avinash Sathanchery

Abdulkarim Alharbi - Smokey and trans am -

Art by Abdulkarim Alharbi

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