Allegorithmic at GDC 2017

It’s that time of the year again! From February 27 to March 3, San Francisco is the place to be for the GDC. Meet the team at Booth #416 in the South Hall for three days of Substance and plenty of special guests.

GDC 2017 Overview


Get an overview of what happened during the GDC 2017!

March 3 – GDC Day 3

All artists were on hand for encore performances of their booth sessions.


We will be presenting a selection of them within the next few weeks :)


Thanks to everyone who came by for one of our 500 Substance logo t-shirts on offer! (We didn’t have to take them back to the office).

Podcast with Josh Lynch, Harrison Moore and Brad Smith.

A big thanks to the team, the speakers and especially to all the booth visitors for having made this GDC a great experience again!

Magdalena Dadela's last presentation and also the last one of this year, after three days full of Substance!

It's off for Harrison Moore's last theater session about using Substance Painter with Unreal Engine 4 in Paragon's workflow.

Starting off the day in a good mood with Bradford Smith and Harrison Moore.

March 2 – GDC Day 2

After kicking the day off with breakfast from the ArtStation crew, we geared up for another day full of booth sessions.


In addition to Jeremie and Wes’s presentations of new Substance Designer and Substance Painter features, we were joined by Brad Smith and Harrison Moore for repeat sessions of their Paragon presentations, plus Josh Lynch and Magdalena Dadela (who blew us away with a face texturing demo!).


T-shirt giveaways continued with more and more people coming to get one of the “Superman t-shirts”.



Check out these podcasts by Community Manager Vincent Gault


Podcast with Bradford Smith and Harrison Moore from Epic Games.


Podcast with Sébastien Deguy & Claudia Vance from Allegorithmic


Podcast with Jeremie Noguer & Wes McDermott from Allegorithmic.

Come to our demo pods and learn the power of Substance with Gaetan Lassagne, Froyok and Vincent Gault. You can ask anything to these Substance experts!

Off to a good start with our Substance beatles heading to the GDC.

Beer bust with Sketchfab and Polycount


The Allegorithmic booth opened for the Beer Bust at 5 pm. Within an hour, we had served 1000 beers to thirsty GDC attendees!


Thanks to Sketchfab and Polycount for sponsoring this get-together, and thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Join us for draft beers and quality conversations about 3D and Virtual Reality Games with developers and artists from the industry. Meet us at 5pm PST at our booth #416 (South hall).

March 1 – GDC Day 1: It has started!

Day 1 of GDC 2017 went by in a flash!


It may be the biggest game event of the year, but the GDC is rarely all play. There’s a good bit of work, and the team spent most of the day rotating between meetings, demos and booth sessions.


Here were some of our favorite moments from Day 1:

Sponsored Session with Epic Games


In this sponsored session, Epic Games artists Harrison Moore and Brad Smith talked about bringing Substance to the Paragon pipeline for creating hero characters with detailing for skins, metal scratches and much more.

Booth Sessions


This year’s booth sessions in full swing with presentations from Substance masters Joshua Lynch, Magdalena Dadela, Brad Smith and Harrison Moore.


Allegorithmic’s Jeremie Noguer and Wes McDermott are also presenting the latest developments in Substance with dives into the newest features in Substance Designer 6 and Substance Painter 2.5.

Magdalena Dadela is a Substance Painter expert when it comes to face texturing. Check out her next sessions tomorrow at 11am and Friday at 2pm!

Harrison Moore, Josh Lynch and Jeremie Noguer teaching some Substance magic at the Allegorithmic booth.

What's new in Substance Painter with Jeremie Noguer. Don't miss tomorrow's sessions at 10am and 4pm!

Our speakers are eager to show you some Substance wizardry! (and Hello Sebastien ;)).


From left to right: Harrison Moore, Brad Smith and Josh Lynch.


We're ready to meet you! Come meet us at our booth #416, South Hall.



Testing the showreel with Froyok.



Substance Ninja Wes McDermott mastering the nodes!



Bringing Epic Characters to Life in Paragon with UE4 and Substance (Presented by Allegorithmic)


Location:  Room 2014, West Hall
Date:  Wednesday, March 1
Time:  2:00pm - 3:00pm


Featured Speakers:
Brad Smith  |  Senior Texture Artist, Epic Games
Harrison Moore  |  Technical Artist, Epic Games
Sebastien Deguy  |  CEO and Founder, Allegorithmic


Brad and Harrison will dive into the character texturing and material pipeline of Epic Games's Paragon. They will explain the central role of Substance in their toolset and show how using Material Layering in both Substance and Unreal Engine 4 help artists create incredibly detailed characters and skins in a very short amount of time.
Substance Painter workflows for various texture tasks will be explored, as well as the use of Substance Designer for both tiling materials and Painter tools and effects. Paragon Hero assets will be used to illustrate the various production case studies.


All Theater Sessions take place at the Allegorithmic booth – #416, in the South Hall.


Times and speakers are below.