Great Summer Sale at Substance Store!

Marion Marchive on June 30 2016 | News, Content, Events

Back in March, we launched Substance Store. Our mission: to bring artists curated content for creating mind-blowing 3D art. Today, we're gearing up for the first Substance Store sale.

We designed Substance Store to help artists spend more time making art by offering professionally created content in one place. 


In Substance Store, you'll find seven stores with assets from selected vendors whose tools we believe in and use. This is some of the best content out there, and it's up to 50% off during from July 11-22! 



Bonus: Substance Database On Sale!


Get 1000 customizable Substances, including 650 PBR Substances usable by all artists in a studio location, with no limitations whatsoever. The database will be available at a great discount – but only during the summer sale!

If you haven't stopped by Substance Store for a while or are discovering it for the first time, check out our vendor sites to see what's new:



GameTextures is the largest library of ready-to-use PBR Substances and Game Ready Materials on the internet.



Real Displacement Textures are high-end scanned surfaces for computer graphics, produced by using highly detailed 3D scans to get accurate color and depth information from a real location.

Allegorithmic Moodpacks


Allegorithmic’s Moodpacks are the perfect way to texture a scene from A to Z, from a terrifying dragon and its valiant knight to a complete and highly realistic military outfit. 



ST creates quality tools for Substance Painter that speed up and enhance workflows. Paint infinite varieties of fasteners, stitches, buttons and welds to detail your models, avoid tedious baking issues and spend more time enjoying painting.



DreamCatcher creates 360° HDRI equirectangular images for Image Based Lighting. These high-quality over-the-clouds HDRI maps, unique on the Internet, allow you to create stunning visuals for your flying assets, such as planes or spaceships.


Texturing XYZ sells raw cross-polarized photo references and surface displacement maps for artists. Texture lovers everywhere can now access high-resolution data found at the biggest and best companies in the industry but at an affordable price.

Hyperfocal Design


Hyperfocal Design develops technically accurate HDRI sky maps and sky textures shot with the best and latest equipment. These maps are guaranteed to have clean and clear horizon lines, with no buildings, dust or birds, and feature various time of the day and weather conditions.

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