Introducing the Dragon Fantasy Moodpack

Damien Bousseau on May 27 2016 | News, Stories

Welcome the newest Moodpack to Substance Store: the Dragon Fantasy Moodpack, produced by Allegorithmic’s content team.

What’s in the Dragon Fantasy Moodpack?

This new Dragon Fantasy Moodpack contains materials, smart materials, meshes, tools, and filters. All the elements were created especially for this theme.


What’s special about the Moodpack? Why should people buy it?

In this Mood Pack, we really focused on the skin and scales materials to provide different types of scales and reptile skins. Even if “Dragon” is the theme, the content is something that can fit with other use cases for “creature” texturing.

As we provide the generator we used, users have the possibility of creating their own skins if they want to, or customizing what we provide to their project.

Dragon Scales Fine Brown smart material

How did you go about creating the Moodpack? Describe the workflow.

For this one, we started by defining the 3D model in order to produce content “around it.” It’s a good way to be sure we are relevant on the content side, and also to test how the materials behave on the mesh (even if it wasn’t possible at some points in the project as we started several things at the same time!).

Otherwise, the workflow was classic: Find references around the theme – sometimes based on the real world, like pictures of reptiles and Komodo dragon skin, create the first concept art to design the mesh, create base materials and tools, and then see how they can be used in different projects.

Is there a different workflow for every Moodpack?

For every Moodpack, we work in the same way. As with all content creation, we document what we’re doing, list elements, and work on the most interesting ones. That allows us to keep a consistent level of quality across all of our work.


What were your inspirations for this dragon?

The inspiration for this dragon was first taken from reptiles and snakes, such as the Komodo dragon, the bush viper, the desert taipan, and the blue coral snake. Some of these creatures are really impressive and we were inspired by their colors and shapes.

Some materials from the Dragon Moodpack

How did you create the different dragon skins?

While we were studying these reptiles, we identified different types of scales with distinct patterns. We also used height maps that we created for the creation of these materials in order to create the high-poly mesh scales for the dragon.

What else do you want to tell us about this particular Moodpack?

The Dragon is a theme that has made the rounds for years but is difficult to handle for the reason that it requires input from the imagination that we have created by reading books or watching movies. Each person’s vision will vary while remaining original and extraordinary.


Find the Dragon Fantasy Moodpack contents including the model, 15 materials and 15 smart materials, and tools here.

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