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Anthony Salvi on December 10 2015 | Stories, Film/VFX

Who are you?

We are Hocus Pocus Studio, a 3-person team (Jeremy ANGONIN, Laurent BASSET and Clovis GAY).

How old is the studio?

Hocus Pocus was created in April 2014.

Where are you based?

We are all in Lyon and work on an international level as well.

What do you do?

We see ourselves as service providers for different productions, and are able to work on full 3D clips, motion design, and VFX for short or feature film.

Your website and Facebook?

What started the Civil War project? What were the inspirations?

The project was born out of our will to do something that was close to who we are, and to define the style we would adopt in the future.
It was inspired by the very talented Alex Ichim who authorised us to reproduce one of his concepts. In addition to reproducing the image, we wanted to challenge ourselves on its animation, hence the creation of the trailer. This allowed us to test and implement our workflow.

Tell us a bit about your workflow (modeling, texturing, rendering, compositing)

We use 3DS Max for modeling/animation, Substance Painter for texturing, Vray for lighting/rendering and After Effect for compositing. We are also very lucky to have Clovis (Kinematic Lab) with us who enabled us to develop many tools ourselves.

How did Substance integrate into your production pipeline?

We actually started testing Substance Painter on another project which required a lot of texturing work, and immediately adopted the tool. This then led us to recreate most of the textures for Civil War so as to improve them with Substance Painter. We also had Théo Perronard (http://www.theo-peronnard-portfolio.com/), our summer intern who learned the software in very little time (as it is super easy to use) and then textured the soldier.

What would be your favorite technique in Substance Painter?

The ability to create a smart material and reassign it to any other object very simply, being able to change your UV’s at anytime while preserving everything you already painted, baking and playing with Ambient Occlusion, procedural masks, particle brushes…

What was your biggest technical challenge and how did you address it?

The biggest challenge was to reproduce the original illustration with fidelity, without plainly copying it but truly recreating the feeling behind it.

What are your next projects?

We have an upcoming project which will be our most ambitious one to date, for which we are developing images as well as Maxscript tools that we can then offer to 3ds MAX users. Needless to say we’ll be using Substance Painter heavily. We are also working on visual effects for a short film, for which we will be testing Substance Designer to create organic materials.

In your opinion, who is the greatest magician of all time?

There is much debate in the team on this topic, as we can’t seem to choose between the great Sylvain Mirouf and the amazing Simon Mc Kay ;)
Anyways thanks to the Allegorithmic Team for letting us share our work and for these amazing tools!

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