Art by Keerthan Sathya

Substance for 3ds Max is now ready to integrate your workflow, with both elements you explored in the beta version and substantial improvements to let you further the experience. The plugin is for 3ds Max 2018 and 3ds Max 2019. If you use an older version of 3ds Max, you can download the updater to the legacy version of the plugin here.

  • Now supports four renderers: Corona, Octane 3.06, Vray and Arnold.
  • Automated Substance workflows have been added for Corona and Octane.
  • The Substance menu now appears in both the design and default layouts of 3ds Max.
  • Added initial support for being able to add Substances to 3ds Max material libraries.
  • Saving and Loading has been greatly improved and is now more stable.

Are you a new user of the Substance in 3ds Max Plugin? Wes McDermott gives you a step by step explanation right here: