Art by Kyle Jones, PixelWave

Using Substance in 3ds Max, you can import Substance materials directly in the Slate Editor. Whether you are working on design, games or visual effects, Substance in 3ds Max delivers a unique experience with optimized features for enhanced productivity.

The plugin is for 3ds Max 2018 and 3ds Max 2019. If you use an older version of 3ds Max, you can download the updater to the legacy version of the plugin here.

Substance in 3ds Max supports a wide range of features, which are designed to give you the full power of the Substance ecosystem at your fingertips.

Rendered using Redshift - Art by Gastón Suárez-Pastor

The plugin provides one-click solutions to build shader networks for use with popular renderers such as Vray, Corona, Arnold, Redshift and Octane.

Rendered using Redshift - Art by Reid Quisenberry

You can create, manage and work with embedded presets as well as keyframe Substance parameters using the animation editor.

Substance in 3ds Max supports network rendering with Backburner and provides a Maxscript API for accessing Substance functionalities.

Rendered using V-Ray - Art by Kyle Jones, PixelWave

Are you a new user of the Substance in 3ds Max Plugin? Wes McDermott gives you a step by step explanation right here: