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Courtesy of Hyundai

Allegorithmic develops the reference tools for creating next-generation PBR (Physically Based Rendering) material content: Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M. Substance Source, our physically based material library, is rapidly expanding and counts hundreds of materials ready to use for professionals of transportation and product design.


As real-time product visualization and Virtual Reality are becoming part of the product development and experience, more and more designers are adopting our software which integrates seamlessly with Unreal Engine and Unity. Substance PBR materials are cross-platform by definition and further integrations include V-Ray, Maya and CATIA.


Allowing designers to take product visualization to a new level, Substance is becoming the reference in industrial design. Companies including General Motors, Samsung and Louis Vuitton have already chosen to use Substance in their daily workflow.

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Discover Your Next Car in VR with Substance


What happens when Substance meets the worlds of VR and automotive design? Find out in this interview with Han Yu from Afun Interactive!


“Iteration in the early concept phase is something our designers want and need more of. Substance provides the flexibility to do it. With this level of accuracy in renders, designers are able to make concrete decisions early in the design process.”

-David Nikel, Digital Model Manager at Hyundai California Design Studio

"Creating samples is crucial for seeing how a final product looks and feels. However, it takes time and money, especially when using rare materials. With Substance, it is possible to see different variations of a 3D model immediately, including material, stamping, and seams."
-Valéry Damnon, Founder of Valéry Damnon

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