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Image Courtesy of Hyundai

Allegorithmic develops the new generation of 3D texturing software: Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M (Bitmap2Material). Substance is rapidly expanding into the domain of industrial design and has only scratched the surface of what is possible when powerful texturing tools meet the best ideas in the industry.

Professionals from Hyundai and Harley Davidson have already opted for Allegorithmic's solutions. We are looking for partners who are ready to transform today's innovative ideas into tomorrow's standards.

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User Stories

Creating Materials for the Hyundai Genesis G380


Hyundai and Allegorithmic share their experience of creating a full set of materials for the Hyundai Genesis 380 using Substance Designer. Read the full article.

The Substance Art of Peter Kolus


Peter Kolus makes some incredible renders of shoes, and we had the pleasure of interviewing him about how he did it. Read the full article.

Creating Parisian Chic With Substance


Luxury design and noble materials meet 3D software in Valéry Damnon’s latest collection of handbags. We sat down with the Parisian designer to talk about using Substance tools for his latest collection. Read the full article.


“Iteration in the early concept phase is something our designers want and need more of. Substance provides the flexibility to do it. With this level of accuracy in renders, designers are able to make concrete decisions early in the design process.”

-David Nikel, Digital Model Manager at Hyundai California Design Studio

"Creating samples is crucial for seeing how a final product looks and feels. However, it takes time and money, especially when using rare materials. With Substance, it is possible to see different variations of a 3D model immediately, including material, stamping, and seams."
-Valéry Damnon, Founder of Valéry Damnon

"Substance Designer has the deep robust set of features we are looking for when we try to achieve awesome custom paint and paint effects. I don’t really think we can do better without using real paint."

-Matthew Gueller, Senior Surface Designer at Harley-Davidson

"The big challenge was to recreate all of the patterns from the shoes, and this was the part where Substance Designer showed its true power with a procedural approach."

-Peter Kolus, Freelance Artist

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