Pierre Bosset on March 24 2018 | AR, Stories, Design
Image Courtesy of Theia Interactive
Pierre Bosset on March 22 2018 | AR, Stories, Design
Art by Qu Bin
Meizi Yan on March 1 2018 | Substance Designer, Stories, Design
Image Courtesy of Amaru Zeas
Pierre Bosset on February 6 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories, Game, Design
Art by Mark Foreman
Nicolas Paulhac on December 14 2017 | Iray, Substance Designer, Software, Design, Architecture
Art by Rémy Trappier
Pierre Maheut on December 13 2017 | Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Film/VFX, Design
Courtesy of Afun Interactive
Pierre Maheut on November 10 2017 | Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Stories, Design