Vanessa Campinchi on March 13 2019 | Community, Game, Events
Courtesy of Gameloft
Pierre Bosset on September 8 2018 | Substance Designer, Stories, Game
Nicolas Paulhac on August 23 2018 | Technology, Substance Source, News, Release, Content, Game, Film/VFX
Art by Borislav Kechashki
Jeremie Noguer on August 2 2018 | Technology, Substance Painter, Software, Release, Game, Film/VFX
Image courtesy of THQ Nordic
Pierre Bosset on July 24 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories, Game, Design
Art by Beatrice Tisander
Pierre Bosset on July 7 2018 | Community, Student, Game, Film/VFX
Art by Leslie Van den Broeck
Pierre Bosset on June 30 2018 | Community, Contest, Game
Art by Stephane Gaudette - Sony Santa Monica