Art by Daniel Thiger
Nicolas Paulhac on January 18 2018 | Substance Designer, Substance Source, Content
Courtesy of Afun Interactive
Pierre Maheut on November 10 2017 | Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Stories, Design
MAT by Guillaume Hecht
Pierre Maheut on November 9 2017 | News, Stories
Art by Gabriel d'Orazio
Pierre Bosset on October 12 2017 | Substance Painter, Stories
Courtesy of Turn 10 Studios
Vincent Gault on October 9 2017 | News, Substance Designer, Stories
Art by Zhelong Xu
Art by Liam Tart
Allegorithmic on September 29 2017 | News, Stories, Game
Art by Chico Spans
Vincent Gault on August 22 2017 | Unreal Engine, Stories, Game
Kim Tailhades, Matthieu Pujol, Romain Thirion, Yohan Thireau, Florian Brauch
Pierre Bosset on August 17 2017 | Substance Painter, Stories, Film/VFX