Art by Damien Climent
Allegorithmic on November 27 2018 | Substance Painter, News, Contest
Frédéric Kohler on November 29 2018 | Substance Designer, Substance B2M, Substance Source, Stories, Scans, Photogrammetry
Art by Anthony Salvi / Marion Buhannic
Nicolas Paulhac on September 26 2018 | Substance Designer, Stories, Scans, Design
Art by Henry Kelly
Vincent Gault on July 31 2018 | Substance Designer, Substance Source, Stories, Scans, Photogrammetry
Design: Arthur Coudert, 3D Model: Maxime Daguet, CGI: Lionel David
Nicolas Paulhac on July 12 2018 | Substance Source, Release, Content, Scans
Art by Guillaume Meyer
Nicolas Paulhac on June 28 2018 | Substance Source, Release, Scans, Design, Architecture
Image Courtesy of Dave Riganelli
Pierre Bosset on April 21 2018 | Scans, Photogrammetry, Stories
All iamges courtesy of 51 VR