Image courtesy of THQ Nordic
Pierre Bosset on July 24 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories, Game, Design
Sylvain Paris on July 20 2018 | Substance Designer, News, Release
Art by Christoffer Radsby
Nicolas Wirrmann on July 19 2018 | Substance Designer, News, Release, Content
Art by Takumi Yamamoto
Pierre Maheut on July 18 2018 | Substance Source, News, Stories, Design
Art by Josip Vrandecic
Pierre Bosset on July 14 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories
Design: Arthur Coudert, 3D Model: Maxime Daguet, CGI: Lionel David
Nicolas Paulhac on July 12 2018 | Substance Source, Release, Content, Scans
Art by Beatrice Tisander
Pierre Bosset on July 7 2018 | Student, Game, Film/VFX
Image courtesy of Rising Sun Pictures – (c) 2018 WARNER BROS
Pierre Bosset on July 5 2018 | Substance Painter, Stories, Film/VFX