Nicolas Paulhac on April 13 2017 | Substance Source, Content, Design, Architecture
Art by Tommy Scheumann
Pierre Bosset on April 7 2017 | Substance Painter, Substance Source, Stories, Design
Courtesy of Sparkypants
Pierre Bosset on April 7 2017 | Substance Designer, Stories, Game
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Alexandre Bagard on April 6 2017 | Substance Designer, Stories, Film/VFX
Art by Scott DeWoody
Pierre Maheut on April 5 2017 | Tutorials, Architecture
Art by Olivier Couston
Vincent Gault on April 4 2017 | Arnold, Substance Painter, Game, Film/VFX
Image Courtesy of CKI Vang & Damien Climent
Froyok on April 2 2017 | Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Stories, Game
Image courtsey of Jack Darton
Pierre Maheut on March 30 2017 | Substance Painter, Stories, Game, Design