Substance Days Asia: The Recap

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The Crowne Plaza Hotel. D-1, 10 PM. The venue is a huge room with rows of white chairs. A team from the hotel holds up a rope to make sure that the rows are perfectly straight. The effect is remarkable. A large screen dominates the stage, and two projector screens flank the sides of the room.

Zhelong Xu, due to speak the next day, has come to give us a special present: ceramic versions of his Substance Goat, the amazing little creature that was Substance Painter 2017.2.0’s splash screen. We are jetlagged yet very impressed.

On the day of the event, 450 people need to be checked in and ushered into the conference room. All tickets are electronic: guests show their QR codes on their smartphones, which are then scanned by the Allegorithmic team.

Sébastien Deguy, Founder and CEO of Allegorithmic, begins with a keynote speech, and makes several announcements: Substance Painter is to be released in Chinese. So is Substance Academy, complete with Chinese-only tutorials. He also announces Allegorithmic’s publication of Zhelong Xu’s art book,Yechawood (more on this later).

Meizi Yan, Allegorithmic’s lead technical artist and community manager in China, then introduces everything that’s new in Substance Painter and Substance Designer. She has also organized the event, and translated Sébastien Deguy’s keynote announcements, as well as Gilles Fleury’s talk! During the Substance Day in China, she is truly superhuman, seemingly everywhere at once!

It’s time for the two big talks of the day. The first is by Zhelong Xu, 3D Digital Artisan, who goes into a deep step-by-step look into the texturing of this Kirin Frog creature that he made especially for the occasion.

After this session, Gilles Fleury gives us a look into how Substance Designer was used for creating textures in two projects. The first is For Honor; he called the second, “project X”. Both of these games were made in Ubisoft Shanghai, where Gilles works as a senior technical director, and they used Substance Designer extensively - as well as a little bit of Substance Painter.

The audience members in Shanghai are at least as amazed as we are!

Finally, Sébastien couldn’t resist hiding in the crowd for a group photo. Can you find him?


Akihabara, a district of Tokyo famed for being an Ali-Baba’s cavern for electronics. The speakers of the day, Josh Lynch and Glauco Longhi, have both come from the United States. They’ve been enjoying Japanese food for a few days, and are pretty stoked about to showing their skills to like-minded artists.

People start trickling in and BornDigital, Allegorithmic’s partner in Japan, has displayed the books they publish about computer graphics.

The setup is ready, the interpreters are primed, and Josh and Glauco are settled in and waiting for Sébastien’s keynote to begin.

Some people are filming the presentations. Also known as, “hands-free note-taking”.

Other people prefer taking pictures.

At the very front of the audience, the two interpreters take turns using the presentation papers as a reference for keywords and structure.

Glauco Longhi, Senior Character Artist at Santa Monica Studio, gives a hands-on approach to texturing with Substance Painter, with the actual files used for texturing the World Serpent in the recent blockbuster game God of War! Unique reveals of the Santa Monica Studio workflow and texturing process made for a real treat.

Several people are following each stage of Glauco’s talk in real time.

Josh Lynch, Senior Environment artist at Red Storm Entertainment, breaks down his entire work process and thinking pattern behind the creation of a material in Substance Designer. He then shows a step-by-step construction of a tile roof with mismatched tiles. Attendants learn how to create the shape, texture, and feel of the material with precise recommendations and demonstrations.

Time for the after party! Excellent beer, finger food (the raw fish and samosas will forever remain a cherished memory) and atmosphere make this a privileged moment to meet and greet the Tokyo Substance community.


On the second floor of a little building near the Yanjae subway station in Seoul, there is a room of great focus and learning: the Seoul Allegorithmic Substance Academy.

Inside, students are following their sixth Substance Designer class. They have finished with the basics, and are now entering into tougher stuff, like how to give stones a wet appearance. Some students work for game studios, others are independents, and they all come several times a week to listen to Inho Kim’s explanations.

Saturday, May 9. A bit south of Seoul, in the city of Pangyo, where most of the tech companies have their offices, the last Substance Day of the Asia tour begins with Sébastien Deguy’s keynote.

This one is a bit special, because Jaden Oh, CEO & CTO at CLO Virtual Fashion Inc., comes to join Sébastien Deguy on stage. There’s news to share: David & Diana, the Apparel Creation Contest launches in the place where Marvelous Designer was created.

Meanwhile, the two speakers of the day, Hyunseok Jin, and Josh Lynch share a moment.

Inho Kim, our tech artist and community manager in Seoul, begins his presentation about everything new in Substance.

After that, it’s time For Josh Lynch’s talk. He gives more tips and information about the creation of the roof tiles he previously showed in Tokyo.

This time, the interpreters hide in another room. Their translation of Josh’s talk is beamed into these nifty little devices, one for each audience member.

It’s Hyunseok’s talk, an in-depth explanation of the many little techniques he used to create this Fullmetal Alchemist fan art. He spends a lot of time showing different aspects of the creation of this art; the artists present learn techniques to add many different details to skin and metal.

Substance Days in Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai were an excellent opportunity for the Substance community to meet with the Allegorithmic team, and we loved every moment of it. This wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the staff present at each event! Here, the staff in Seoul:

Thank you so much, everyone! And we will see you again very soon.

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