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Vincent Gault on October 13 2016 | News, Content

As a company, one of our strengths is having one of most passionate and active communities in the industry (hug time ;-) ). But maybe some of you don't imagine how vast it is.

So today, we're sharing a list of the different places around the web where you can get in touch with us and the rapidly growing Substance community!

The official Allegorithmic forum
Our forum has been there for a long time, and is still the perfect place for showcasing your work, requesting support, or simply giving your opinion. Whether it's someone from Allegorithmic, or a helpful user, you will find helpful people there within the almost 10,000 members!
Some more exciting news about the forum is coming soon, so keep an eye on it ;-)

Allegorithmic on Discord
Created by community member Manaberry, our Discord Server is the new kid on the block, but with almost 450 people in just a few months, it's growing really fast! Don't know Discord yet? It's the perfect place to chat in real time with other Substance lovers (and the Allegorithmic team members when we are around ;-) )

Download the app here
To join the server, just click on the link below or to copy/paste it in the app:

Allegorithmic Facebook page
With almost 33,000 likes, our Facebook page is steadily growing. Just drop in here if you want to be updated on the last news on Substance and the best of the community's creations.

Substance in Architecture & Design
Allegorithmic is also present on Facebook with a new page dedicated to Substance in Architecture and Design, which is approaching its first 1,000 likes! Have a look here if you want to be the first to get the latest news!

Allegorithmic Users group
Created by Mark B. Tomlinson, this Facebook users' group is composed of more than 4000 avid users. Definitely a nice place to share with the community.

Allegorithmic on Twitter
Want to get the latest news as it happens? We tweet any fresh news and cool artworks on a very regular basis.

Allegorithmic Youtube Channel
Are you looking to learn or enhance your skills on Substance? Our Youtube channel is for you!
Whether you want beginner level tutorials or an in-depth review of the latest features, you can find a great deal of useful information :)

Allegorithmic Twitch Channel
Watch our regular live streams, tutorials and talks with Wes - The 3D Ninja- McDermott! This is your chance to learn and interact in real time :-)

Allegorithmic on Pinterest
Want to have a peek at some amazing art created with the Substance tools? Wander no more and browse through our Pinterest to have a look at the wonders our community creates!

Allegorithmic Linkedin page
Want to connect with Allegorithmic, follow our development and maybe one day join the team? Reach us through our LinkedIn page and be closer than ever to the 3D painting software that you love!

Allegorithmic on Google+
We also have a Google+ page and a community created by Indigo Mertel. With more than 700 passionate people, this is a great place to exchange your art and your ideas.

We hope you will always find a way to contact us that fits you best!
The Substance community is one that is dedicated and passionate, and we work hard to give you the best places to share your creativity, advice and kind words.

We also would like to show you the faces behind the virtual hugs, Vincent Gault and Wes McDermott!

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