The Best User Stories of 2016 – Part 2

Vincent Gault on December 28 2016 | News, Content, Stories

Some exceptional talent has graced the Allegorithmic blog this year. This week, we’re running our favorite user stories from 2016. From amazing environment art to inspiring characters and super-sharp designs, there’s a little bit of everything. Part 2 of 3.

Meet Fer Aguilera Reyes and His Mix of Mexican Culture and 3D Art

Have a look at how Mexican culture mixes with 3D Art in this interview with the talented Fer Aguilera Reyes.

The Substance Art of Maria Panfilova

Meet CG artist Maria Panfilova and discover her world of stylized fantasy characters.

Meet Danny McGrath and the WXS-07 ‘Depopulator’

Danny McGrath creates monsters that are “adorable and evil,” as one of his followers on ArtStation says. Here he talks to us about making the WXS-07 ‘Depopulator’ with Zbrush and Substance Painter.

The Substance Art of Magdalena Dadela

Magdalena is one of the most talented and refreshing 3D sculptors out there. In this user story, she explains how she recently integrated Substance Painter in her workflow... and why she loves it.

The Substance Art of Yarrid Henrard

Meet Yarrid Henrard and discover his inspired characters created with Substance!

Texturing for VFX and Advertising with Adrien Ehrhardt

Meet VFX and advertising freelancer Adrien Ehrhardt, who recently started using Substance on personal and professional projects!

Porunn: A Character Making-Of

When we saw the last piece of art of Genci Buxheli, we couldn’t resist asking him if he would share some of his workflow secrets with the community. And you won’t be disappointed by the result: Enjoy this in-depth making of Porunn.

You can find the first part of this 2016 recap on our best stories just here!

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