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Chainmail by nlongchamps

September 22 2018
Texturing Hero Assets on the Movie Pacific Rim: Uprising with DNEG
September 20 2018
Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Texturing the South American Jungle
September 13 2018
Cem Tezcan takes you back to the 80s with Substance
September 8 2018
Sonic Runners Adventure: Gameloft Uses Substance for Mobile Games
September 4 2018
Capsule Studio: How to use Substance Painter Optimally in Small VFX Teams
August 30 2018
Substance Painter + Marvelous Designer: Clothing Texturing with Saeid Rezaee
August 28 2018
Substance for VFX in Advertisement with The Mill New York
August 25 2018
Creating Ceramic Creatures For Adobe’s Project Aero with Stuart Lynch
August 23 2018
Substance Source Signature Material Release: Chris Hodgson
August 21 2018
SIGGRAPH 2018 Edition Was a Blast!
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