3D Painting Software

Art by Magdalena Dadela


Art by Zhelong Xu


Art by Rogelio Olguin


Chainmail by nlongchamps

March 24 2017
The Procedural Approach: Halo Wars 2 and Substance Designer
March 24 2017
Texturing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: GDC Theater Sessions Part 3
March 23 2017
Face Texturing With Magdalena Dadela: GDC Theater Sessions Part 2
March 22 2017
Texturing Epic Games’ Paragon: GDC Theater Sessions Part 1
March 17 2017
Interior Design: The Fingerprint of Ibrahim Saad
March 16 2017
The Man in the High Castle: A TV Series with Substance
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Allegorithmic develops Substance, the reference suite for 3D texturing.

The Substance suite includes the software tools Substance Painter for 3D painting, Substance Designer for material authoring and Substance B2M for image-to-material generation, as well as the ever-growing physically based material library Substance Source and the artist-to-artist exchange platform Substance Share.

Constantly on the edge of innovation, Substance technologies empower 3D creators and integrate naturally into production pipelines.

With a fast-growing community, Substance has become a standard in the game industry and is rapidly expanding to the industries of Animation/VFX, Architecture, and Industrial Design.

They are using Substance