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Art by Borislav Kechashki

Material Authoring Software

Art by Christoffer Radsby



Chainmail by nlongchamps

November 14 2018
Discover the World of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – Substance Workflow at Ubisoft Québec
November 12 2018
How the Substance Source Interactive Cloud Viewer Came to Be
November 8 2018
Creating a Magnificent Dress with Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter
November 2 2018
David Baylis: Using Substance Painter for Automotive & Architecture Visualization
October 29 2018
New Materials on Substance Source
October 27 2018
Texturing and Lighting in Substance Painter with DreamCatcher’s HDRI Maps
October 24 2018
Evermotion: Improving Archviz Workflows with Substance
October 18 2018
Pauline Boiteux Explores Pattern Art with Substance Designer
October 11 2018
Virtual Reality Experiences for Archviz in Unity with Oneiros
October 5 2018
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