Substance in UE4

in UE4

Currently in Beta

Substance in UE4 allows games and applications creators to use all the power of Substance to deliver unique experience to the final user:

  • Productivity via in-engine look development and texture aspect tweaking.
  • Reduction of texture file size on disk: faster downloads, happier players who don't need to wait days before playing this new shiny game.
  • Dynamic texturing via runtime modifications / tweaking of Substance textures.

The plugin works for Windows and Mac builds, and will be available for mobile later.


You can find instructions about the plugin on our forum.

Substance Plugin for UE4 (UE 4.3 and above)

1. Download the Substance plugin
2. Unzip the plugin to the UE4 project directory, it will copy the right files at the right place.
3. Run UE4 and point to the project, and you should be good to go :)
Substance Engine, integrated with UE4, lets users directly import Substance (.sbsar) files in their UE4 project. When loaded, the plugin will expose (dynamically create widgets) the substance's parameters, so that users can tweak them in engine and ask Substance Engine to recompute all the output texture maps that have been defined in the same Substance file.

These parameters can also be accessed via scripting / Blueprint for runtime recomputation of the texture maps.

Substance textures are shader-agnostic and will work as input to any shader.


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Atlantis Demo

UE4 Tech Demo

Atlantis Tech Demo

Explore a forsaken Temple and marvel at its technological artifacts from another world. Discover the power of Substance in Unreal Engine 4 (free plugin here):

  • Next-gen parametric PBR textures, made with Substance Designer 
  • Small download size: 97% texture size reduction, from 2GB to 50MB (without any quality loss)